Quilt as You Go – The Splendid Sampler

This week I started The Splendid Sampler Quilt Along. It is a year long 2-block a week, quilt along by Pat Sloan and Jane Davidson.

I have decided I can’t wait to quilt until all 100 blocks are done. So, I will be quilting as I go using Leah Day‘s methods. Here’s a link to all her posts about quilting as you go. Leah is a great teacher and her site has loads of great information.

In order to do that I needed some extra fabric around the edges to be able to quilt to the edges of the 6 inch block comfortably. I decided on a finished size block of 8 inches. Here’s what I did to prepare the block for quilting:

  • Cut a 1 3/4 inch strip of fabric that will act as the sashing for the block
  • Subcut the strip into 2-6 1/2 inch and 2-9 inch strips
  • Using 1/4 inch seams, sew the short strips to the top and bottom. I use 1.5 mm stitch length.
  • Press seams as desired. (I press my seams open.)
  • Sew the long strips to the sides of the block and press.
  • Using a Nonpermanent marking pen or pencil, mark the block at 8-inches. This will leave a 1 inch border around the 6 inch block, finished block will be 8 inches. Markings shown in the photo below. There is an extra 1/2 inch all the way around which includes 1/4 inch seams to connect blocks together and 1/4 inch will be sliced off when squaring up the block. You will also see some other marked dots that will be used for the quilt design I have chosen and will share in my next post.
  • Cut a 10 inch square of batting and backing material.


Hearts Aflutter – Block 1 – The Splendid Sampler

Until next time!

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