Quilting Design Choices – The Splendid Sampler


 Quilting Design Process

  • On the pattern there is a small image of the block in the upper right hand corner which is 1 5/8 inches square. Make an extra copy of the pattern and cut out that small image leaving a little border around the edges.
  • Based on the size of the image 1 5/8 inches and the finished block size of 6 inches, I determined that the image needed to be enlarged by 370% on the copy machine. (Here’s the math for those of you who want to be able to do this for other block sizes: 6/1.625=3.7*100=370%.)
  • Make a few copies can use them to audition your quilting designs.
  • Look for inspiration and instruction over on Leah Day’s Free Motion Quilting Project
  • Once you decide on your final design you can mark your block if you need to

My Splendid Sampler Block 1 – Hearts Aflutter Design Choices

  • My block already has satin stitch around the heart applique chosen during block construction.
  • Stitching in the ditch around the heart,the 6 inch square, and the corner triangles.
  • Zippling inside the heart.
  • Pebbling outside the heart.
  • Straight lines in the triangles radiating out from the corners.
  • In the border corners a set of three loops and then pointed arches on the top, bottom, and sides – this border design will be used for all the blocks to help tie all of them together.
  • Of course this is just a plan, I can always change my mind when I sit down at the machine.

Design Choices – Block 1 – The Splendid Sampler

Until Next Time!

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