Quilting Block 1 – Hearts Aflutter

Time to quilt Block 1 – Hearts Aflutter! I made minimal markings only in the border areas since I plan on using the same design in the borders of all the blocks for consistency. I marked dots at 1 inch intervals around the outside edge. On the inside border I marked dots at 1 inch intervals beginning 1/2 inch in from the corners.


I used 10 inch pieces of batting and fabric for the backing. You could use a layer cake for the backing pieces, but I cut my own. I smoothed the backing, batting and then the block, but I didn’t baste it.


I did the quilting without breaking thread moving from one area to the next. Here’s the order I used:

  • Started at the point of the heart
  • Zippling heart bottom to top
  • Stitched outside satin stitching of the heart
  • Pebbling around the heart, stitching in the ditch around the triangles and straight stitching in them when coming to them
  • Border design using dots as a guide
  • Final stitch in the ditch around the inner seam of the border
I am happy with the result. I sprayed a little water to remove the marking pen since I used a water soluble one. Follow the instructions for removing your markings provided by the manufacturer. Always test your marking instrument on scraps prior to using it on a project.

Completed Block 1 – Hearts Aflutter – Back.

Until next time!

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