Frozen Panel Quilts

These are a work in progress. I have been enjoying the quilting process on these panels. I got started when I saw Leah Day’s post – How to Quilt an Olaf Frozen Quilt Panel.

I did my first Olaf Panel back in December. I wanted a slightly bigger quilt so I added a double border measuring six inches all the way around.



It became a gift for a one of our cousin’s daughter. She loved it! And, I loved quilting it. Since there weren’t any blocks to create, and there was a design to follow I was able to concentrate on just quilting. Thanks Leah! It was great practice and I would suggest it to anyone who wants to practice FMQ (Free Motion Quilting) on something other than quilt sandwiches. Give the finished product to a child who will just love it, even with all the FMQ mistakes.I run out of things to do with quilt sandwiches.

Which brings us to today – I have finished the Anna and Elsa Panel except for a couple of spots on the machined binding which need to be secured. This one was so fun! I chose all kinds of different designs to practice. It is like sketching with your sewing machine. The more I quilt the better I get and the more I want to do it. Addicted!


Again I added a double border, but this time I practiced my mitered corners. Nadine over at Fabric Bias has a great multiple mitered borders tutorial. Mitered corners look so polished on the border.

I did some of the quilting on Anna and Elsa using my new ruler foot and rulers. If you want information about ruler quilting on a home machine take a look at Amy Johnson’s Ruler Quilting page.

I also used the mitered borders on my second Olaf quilt which is still a work in progress. I am hoping to have it finished this weekend. The panel itself is quilted. Just need to complete the quilting in the mitered border and add the binding.


I started the outside white border using ruler quilting. The rulers definitely make straight line quilting much easier in free motion and you can easily use the ruler foot to do other free motion quilting without rulers.


Until next time!

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