Block 4 – Happy Happy


This was so much fun – it makes me Happy Happy! The small circles applique was challenging. I haven’t done much applique in the past, so I definitely needed to use a tutorial from Michelle at Buttontree Lane to find out how to do this. I wanted to turn the fabric then use the machine to applique the pieces in place since I wanted the stitching to show on both sides of the quilt.

In Michelle’s tutorial she used the mylar circles, but I wanted to use my Cricut Explore Air to cut the circles and the pattern for the pot. So that’s what I did. I sized the circles and inserted the image of the pot from the pattern in Cricut Design Space. I cut the pieces from some white heavy card stock. It took me a couple of times to get the pieces to cut out completely as you can see from the photo.


I also wanted to try to cut some fabric, but without adding any fusible material. I had seen someone sandwich the fabric between two layers of freezer paper to do this. Here is Stacy’s video showing how to do it. I increased the size of the original in Design Space so that the fabric would be about 1/4 inch larger all the way around. It worked great for the pot as you can see in the photo.



But, it didn’t work so well for the small circles. It may have been that I was trying to cut them from small scraps of fabric. I will have to try it again sometime using larger pieces of fabric. I ended up cutting the circles using scissors.

I turned the edge easily for the pot, hand basted and used liquid starch with a cotton swab on the small circles.


I later found  a video posted on Facebook that you could do the circles using small rubber bands and starch so you don’t have to hand baste. It involves waiting for the starch to dry without using an iron. I will definitely try that method next time. I thought I saved the post on Facebook, but I can’t seem to find it. It was posted a day or two ago in The Splendid Sampler group on Facebook.

I then put all the pieces on my background fabric that I added my border to.


I did the applique on the quilt sandwich rather than appliquing and then quilting. This way all the stitching will show up on the front and the back. I had a lot of fun playing with all the special stitches on my Juki Exceed F600. It took some patience to do the small circles, but I really like the way it came out.

I am learning so much doing this sampler since it pushes me to try all these new techniques. I am looking forward to Block 5! If you want to join in on the fun, head over to The Splendid Sampler.

Until next time!

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