Finishing Up the Olaf Panel


I quilted my first Olaf Panel back in December, so this is my second one. It has gone quicker than the first just because I didn’t have to make any quilting design decisions. Much of the design originally came from Leah Day. I added a double border with Pine Needles in the white 2 inch border and a variation of Starry Mess in the 4 blue 4 inch border. The photo above shows both border designs as I am sewing on the binding.

I first learned to bind a quilt using Sharon Schamber’s school glue method and now use a combination of that with Leah Day’s Learn How to Bind a Quilt From Start to Finish. I machine quilt; I just can’t find the time to hand stitch the binding. Here’s my binding method:

  • Determine the perimeter(P) of the quilt using the length(L) and width(W) measurements: P=2L+2W
  • Determine how many 2 1/4 inch wide strips (S) are needed for the width of fabric(WOF): S=P/WOF (If you don’t have to round up much, add an extra strip just to make sure you have enough)
  • Sew the strips together, press binding strips, and sew the binding on the front of the quilt using Leah Day’s instructions.
    • I don’t use glue for this step.
    • I use a walking foot so the quilt moves evenly through the machine while stitching.
  • Turn the binding to the back and use glue method to hold the binding in place using Sharon Schamber’s method (See photo below.)
  • Sewing on the front stitch in the ditch or use a blanket or zigzag stitch to secure the binding

Glue Basting the Binding

Next time I bind a quilt I will show you my steps in photos.

Until next time!

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