Block 5 – Simple Simon

Love this block! It all started with precise piecing on my beloved Pfaff 1471. I always use flower head pins marked with the row numbers to keep things in order when I chain piece. I have a clear 1/4 inch foot installed on the machine along with a Q Tools Reusable Sewing Edge Vinyl Stop for Consistent Sewing (purple strip in photo below). My set up works great. My Pfaff has the nicest stitch quality.


I only go to the iron when a seam needs to be pressed because I am going to sew over it. After the block was completed I prepared my border strips and backing just like the first block.


When I put on the borders I always find the center of the block and the strip by folding them in half and finger pressing. I put one pin in the center to help keep things lined up correctly.


I press all my seams open. It works fine because a use a tight small stitch length of 1.5. Pressing seams open keeps the block nice, flat, and neat.


Once the block was completed with the border, I marked the 8 inch square to contain the quilting, and the dots used for quilting the border design just like the previous blocks. I printed out a 6 inch version of the block design from the web page and started my quilting design.


I mixed straight and curvy lines along with chain of pearls. I used my ruler quilting foot for the whole block using the ruler only for the straight lines. I was able to quilt the whole block without breaking thread, travel stitching when necessary.


The only other markings I made were dots in the corner blocks to guide my eye when quilting the diagonal curvy lines. Here’s the order of my quilting:

  • Stitch in the ditch outside the royal blue cross using the ruler
  • Straight lines with the ruler echoing the cross
  • Stitch in the ditch around outside squares using the ruler
  • As I traveled from one corner to the next I completed the curvy diagonal lines in the corner squares
  • Chain of pearls inside the cross
  • Border design
  • Stitch in the ditch around the interior block

The back really shows off the quilting.


I am really enjoying this sampler since it makes me try new techniques and makes me quilt almost everyday.


Until next time!

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