Building Blocks – Rail Fence


I pieced the four rail fence blocks by strip piecing them I stitched all four long strips together and then cut them apart into the four blocks. I didn’t follow Leah’s piecing instructions, but it worked out just fine.

I then had to decide how much of the quilting I wanted to actually mark. On the first one, I decided to mark just dots to aid in the use of my straight ruler when ruler quilting it. I folded the pattern so I could mark the dots along the edge of each rectangular block.


For the other blocks I needed to use my “light box”. it is really just my glass top coffee table with a light under it. It works pretty good. I have a clip on spot light that I clip on the rail under the table. The table has a drawer which I open part way. I use painter’s tape to tape the design to the glass.


The navy and purple fabrics are so dark that it is hard to line up the block on the pattern and see the pattern through the double fabric of the seams.

The cursive love and the curvy swirls were completely marked.


The u-shapes I marked completely, but the straight line patterns were marked with dots and dashed to ruler quilt.


The block with the circles and straight lines I also plan on ruler quilting. I marked the intersections of the lines for ruler quilting and will do the circles with the circle ruler since it is the perfect size.


Color is off in the photo above, but I think you get the idea of the markings I made to quilt the blocks.

Until next time!

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