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This is the quilt that started my quilting adventure, at least the idea for this quilt started it all. One of my son’s friends received a quilt made out of her rowing t-shirts. I really wanted to make my son a quilt out of all his t-shirts. You see his crew team competed in sprint league races and if they would win, the losing teams would give them a t-shirt. He acquired many, many t-shirts. Of course he also had others he had purchased or friends had given him. There were also some of his high school t-shirts.

I started researching how to make the quilt. Based on my research, I decided I better learn how to quilt on regular cotton fabric before trying to quilt with the cotton jersey of the t-shirts. My son wasn’t quite ready to give up his t-shirts yet anyway.

Finally, this summer he was ready to part with the shirts and I got started. I liked the look of the Too Cool T-Shirt Quilts. I had purchased the book, had the templates made at a local plastics shop, and I was ready to start.

I cut out all the t-shirts using the templates and followed the layout suggestions in the book. The piecing went very quickly and was much easier than I had expected. I had been told by many people that I was crazy for not using some type of fusible material to stabilize the knit. But I found it was not necessary.

I am currently quilting this on my home machine which was not recommended by Too Cool T-shirt Quilts. Quilting on the knit material did require I adjust the upper tension on my Juki F600. Dial it down a couple of notches otherwise my upper thread would shred. Once the adjustment was made, the quilting has been going well.


I haven’t planned the quilting design; I just sit at the machine and choose something.


I hope to finish it soon so my son can begin enjoying it.


Until next time!

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