Block 7 – Snug as a Bug


It took me a little while to figure out how I was going to approach this block. I love to hand stitch, but haven’t really done much in a while as my eyes do not cooperate. So I included just a bit of hand stitching: the french knot eyes and the x x. I also decided I wanted to add some real patchwork to the itty bitty quilt. I used Ann Holmes’ No Sew Until You Quilt It technique. It involves using a tricot fusible product called French fuse. The pattern is traced to freezer paper, then cut apart. It takes a bit getting used to adhering the freezer paper to the right side of the fabric and turning the fabric underneath the fabric rather than over the paper. You just use the paper as a guide. In the photo I had to glue a piece of yellow lined paper on my freezer paper because I had glue all over the freezer paper by mistake and didn’t want to get my iron all glued up. You only turn under the fabric as necessary. The other sides get covered by turned under edges of the other pieces.


The tricot is see thru so it makes placing the pieces on a copy very easy. You iron the pieces in place and then cut out the whole thing to sew on to the fabric square. It was time consuming with the small pieces, but I like the results.

I used a blanket stitch around the itty bitty quilt and free motion embroidered the bunny, child, and bear. I used one of the stitches available on my machine for the border stitching. The white border was done just like the rest of the blocks.

By stitching everything on the quilt sandwich, I ended up with the pattern on the back too.


I really love The Splendid Sampler!


Until Next Time!

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