Comfort Zone


I had some time to myself last night – husband was working and son was out with friends. Just me and my two girls. I have two Brittanys who by the end of the day just like sleeping on their bed. They are very happy girls.


I was able to piece both The Splendid Sampler and Machine Quilting Block Party blocks. I love piecing and both of these blocks used half square triangles. I had already cut out all the squares needed so I could just sew! Comfort zone! Block 8 – Friends Around the Square used an odd size for the half square triangles 2 5/8 inches. I had to mark the 2 5/8 on my ruler with a little painter’s tape to square them up . Those 1/8 inch lines are hard to keep track of without counting every time.


Both blocks came out very good.  I left a couple of points that weren’t “perfect” go. I really don’t like the word perfect. I think you have to decide if it really is worth ripping out even a small section when really no one else will even notice once it gets quilted. No ripping on these – they came out just fine.



I didn’t get to add the border to the Machine Quilting Block Party block since both my boys came home before I could do so. Maybe after work today.

Until Next Time!

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3 thoughts on “Comfort Zone

  1. quiltgranny says:

    Your blocks are perfect to my eyes. I looked but didn’t see any chopped off points. Love your dogs. We have two Standard Poodles, Tigg and Odie. Cannot imagine our home without them.


  2. Crystal says:

    Diane, Love following along your blog. Great tip about the painter’s tape! I wanted to thank you, too, for recommending the Leah Day class on Craftsy. I have been watching the lessons and just took a practice sandwich run on my machine last night. I was pleasantly surprised to say the least! I now have another question for you( – maybe a future blog post??:)??) How do you choose your colors? Do you have a “system” you follow in fabric selection or just a natural inclination/talent? Thanks again, Diane!


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