Block 10 – Iowa


Lemons and Limes. Love these colors. I know it is more like Florida citrus colors, than Iowa colors. It is an interesting block and I really like the way Sherri McConnell, the designer, blocked the colors in the design.


I decided to quilt one spiral starting from the center. Simple, but lots of texture. The white border was quilted the same as all the rest of the blocks.


With the first 10 done, I will need to decide whether I want to start putting them together in rows or wait until all 100 are completed. If I create a 10 x 10 quilt, it will be 80 inches by 80 inches without an additional border. I also need to consider how all 100 blocks will look together, or if just putting them in order as they come will work. I have been trying to change up the colors in each block. I keep the color on the back similar to one of the colors on the front.


I am traveling the end of this week and next weekend, so I will have time to think about whether to bind them together in rows as I go or wait until the end.

I can’t wait to see what Block 11 brings! Until next time!

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