Block 14 – Flying High


Applique. I haven’t quite found the method that I really like to do yet. I like the way it comes out, just don’t really like doing it.Here’s the applique method I used on this one:

  • Trace and cut the birds from some Pellon Shape Flex 101 interfacing
  • Iron the birds on to the wrong side of the fabric
  • Trim the fabric to 1/8 to 1/4 inch of the interfacing, clipping the inside corners and curves
  • Using a glue stick, turn the fabric to cover the interfacing so that the edges are finished and smooth
  • Glue the birds in place on the background fabric

I didn’t sew the birds in place until I quilted the block. Here’s what I did for quilting:

  • Outlined the birds, both on the birds and right off the edge of the birds
  • Echo the outlines of the birds
  • Stitch in the ditch around the border edge
  • Stitch the border pattern the same as the rest of the blocks

I like the way it came out even though I really don’t like the process of turning the applique pieces. I may have to try the raw edge fusible method next time.

Until Next Time!

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