Building Blocks – Pinwheels

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I have been working on the Building Blocks Quilt Along by Leah Day. This size block is a good size to piece and to quilt. The pinwheels went together very easy as half square triangles put together as a four patch. 

I completed all of the quilting on these using my open toe free motion foot. For the Zig Zags pattern I only marked the intersections with dots. I cut out the triangles from the pattern and marked the dots.


I don’t like marking a lot because it is time consuming. I only mark when I really need to. I find I can free motion a straight line by looking to the dot that I need to get to.

For the Spirals and Pebbling pattern I did mark the spirals in order to get the placement correct. I traced the spiral on template plastic, cut it out with scissors, and used it to mark the spirals. The template plastic spiral pattern was two pieces so I used them one at a time to trace the complete pattern.


I didn’t mark the pebbles at all – free handed all of them.


For the Wiggly Lines pattern, I drew on the more complicated wiggly lines pattern. I didn’t use the light box method. I just looked at Leah’s pattern and free handed it on the fabric. I marked the radiating wiggly line sections only with dots that marked the midpoint and halfway in between, marking each section with three dots. Each sections was fairly uniform and it saved time not using the light box method.


For the Echo Shell pattern, I didn’t mark at all. The pattern didn’t match Leah’s pattern exactly, but it looks uniform.


I am learning a lot by doing this quilt a long. Leah Day is a great teacher!

Until Next Time!

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