Block 19 – Measure Twice, Cut Once


It was difficult to decide how to quilt and embroider this block. I wanted to put the numbers and writing on it without it being backwards on the back.I decided to free motion machine embroider the numbers and the words prior to assembling the quilt sandwich.


I used the Sticky Fabri Solvy so I didn’t have to transfer the pattern to the fabric. I printed directly on the Fabri Solvy using a copier and cut it apart to place it on the block in the appropriate areas. The Solvy works great and when you are all finished with all the quilting, you just wash it out.

After finishing the numbers and words, I put assembled the quilt sandwich and I free motion quilted the rest:

  • Stitched in the ditch
  • Straight line stitched the ruler lines
  • Spirals around the words in the solid green areas
  • Border design like the other blocks



Here’s what the back looks like:


Until Next Time!

Diane Signature1

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3 thoughts on “Block 19 – Measure Twice, Cut Once

  1. Diane V says:

    Thank you! Exactly, Crystal – I went over the stitching several times to build up the thread. It’s just like coloring with markers: when you want it to be thicker you just color more!


  2. Crystal says:

    Diane- your project is coming along so nicely! When you machine embroidered the words, did you just go over them a few times to get that thickness or is there another technique you use there? Crystal


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