Block 20 -Nature’s Walk


Here it is – Applique and Free Motion Machine Embroidery! This one took quite a few hours and quite a few different steps. It was worth it since I like the results.


  1. Use image editing software to extract the portions of the images for the applique and print on Lite Steam-A-Seam 2
  2. Print pattern on the Sticky Fabri Solvy for the machine embroideryIMG_0904
  3. Cut out the applique pieces and press on the chosen fabrics
  4. Cut out the applique piecesIMG_0905
  5. Using a window as a light box as shown above, place the applique pieces on the pieced block
  6. Carefully remove the block from the window and press the applique pieces to the block
  7. Using thread to coordinate with the applique pieces, satin stitch around each piece.IMG_0906
  8. Place the Fabri-Solvy printed material over the appliqued pieces matching them up as best as possibleIMG_0907
  9. Free motion embroider using the chosen colors of threadIMG_0908
  10. When finished, rinse off the Fabri-Solvy, making sure it is all removedIMG_0909
  11. Assemble the quilt sandwich
  12. Free motion quilt around the applique and embroidery
  13. Stitch in the ditch around the block pieces and the block itselfIMG_0910
  14. Stitch the border design like the other blocksIMG_0914

I did one thing while piecing this block that I want to share. After stitching on the squares in the corners, I stitched another diagonal line to the outside of the original one. Then I cut in between the two lines. What I ended up with as left overs are four pieces squares that I can use for something else.


It’s a good way to use up the little pieces that would have been left over. I learned to do this in the free Craftsy class Block of the Month with Amy Gibson. It’s a great class and it is free!

Until Next Time!

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2 thoughts on “Block 20 -Nature’s Walk

  1. Jo says:

    What a neat way to make Block 20. I haven’t done any satin stitch embroidery in years so I am enjoying taking my time on this block. I started Leah Days Buiiding Block quilt 2 years ago but only got the first 4 blocks pieced and quilted. In between the Splendid Sampler and another Mystery Quilt I am working on that.


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