First 20 Blocks – What a Ride!


Wow! When I look at these all together it reminds me of all the new techniques I have tried and enjoyed. It has been so much fun!Getting a new design every few days really pushes me to be creative and fast. I have really liked each one of the blocks and appreciate all the designers. It’s not too late to join in on the fun. Go check out The Splendid Sampler and start with Block 21. Download all the previous ones so you can go back when you have time. If you get behind, just download the patterns. You can work at your own pace.

I planned on starting to bind the blocks together a few weeks ago, but I have been sidetracked by some apparel sewing. I will share those items in future posts. I did get the strips cut and pressed. I just need to decide on a layout and sew.


Until Next Time!

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