Block 23 – Hand in Hand


This block included a new technique to inset the light pink triangles. Check out The Splendid Sampler for the piecing instructions. I enjoy learning new things so this was fun to put together. I did choose a different color palette than I normally go for with this one. I do like brown and pink together!

This is how I quilted it:

  • Wavy lines forming an X through the dark pink triangles and center square
  • Straight line triangle echoes in the light pink triangles with the first echo right on the edge anchor down the free floating triangles
  • Pebbling in the brown and tan corners
  • Stitch the border design like the other blocks

The tan back really doesn’t show the quilting as well as some of the others have. It will add variety to the back of the quilt though.


Until Next Time!

Diane Signature1


3 thoughts on “Block 23 – Hand in Hand

  1. Crystal says:

    Looks great, Diane!
    I thought the new technique was fun, too!
    Also, glad you had a great visit and safe travels with your family and glad you’re back to posting! You were missed!


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