Block 31 – Blossoming


I am glad I took the time to hand embroider this one. I enjoyed it very much – Hand stitching is quite relaxing and a true stress reliever. Get your pattern now at The Splendid Sampler.

As I explained in my previous post about this block, I used Sticky Fabri Solvy that I ran through a copy machine. I stuck it to the fabric and stitched away using my stash of DMC embroidery floss. Here are the colors I used:

  • Green – 561
  • Turquoise – 3765
  • Red – 326
  • Blue – 336
  • Medium Gold – 680
  • Brown – 3371

I followed the color choices in the pattern for the most part. I didn’t use a hoop. I find the Sticky Fabri Solvy stabilizes the fabric enough to stitch without one.

Once the hand stitching was completed, I squared it up to 6 1/2 inches square and added my border sashing. Then I quilted it using my free motion open toe foot like this:

  • Stitched around the outside of the embroidered design
  • Moving from one part of the design to another stitching with stippling
  • Stitch the border design like the other blocks.

Free motion quilting around the edges of the embroidered areas made those areas pillow out a bit giving the block some additional dimension.

I used the same fabric for the back as I used for the front. You can see the quilting design clearly on the back.


Until Next Time!

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