Block 36 – Inchy Hexagon Club


Oh boy when I saw all of those tiny hexagons! Get the pattern at The Splendid Sampler. There are 42 itsy bitsy hexagons. I knew I couldn’t be patient enough to hand stitch all of them, so I had to come up with another way.I used my Cricut Explore Air to cut out the hexagons from Dura-Lar film.


I cut small pieces of scrap fabric to wrap around the hexagons. The pieces had to be large enough to wrap an elastic band around. I used the small elastic bands which I found at the dollar store in the beauty section to hold the fabric.


I pulled the fabric tight in the elastic band so that the hexagons were flat and secure.


I sprayed them generously with starch solution and let them dry overnight. Once they completely dried, I cut off the elastic bands and trimmed so less than 1/4 inch of fabric was on the back. I pressed the hexagon flat making sure that the edges were smooth.


I ended up with a nice variety of colors and planned on using the 6 light grey hexagons for the flower centers. I arranged them by color to decide how to arrange the final design.


I cut out a small square of grey fabric to hold the flowers together and used  Elmer’s Washable School Glue to secure the hexagons in the flower shapes.



The hexagons didn’t meet up perfectly, but I knew once they were sewn down that you wouldn’t notice the gaps. Here are all six flowers. I decided to keep the color families together and form a rainbow.


I chose a darker grey background and glued down all the flowers.


I sandwiched the top, batting and backing and then stitched down the hexagons.

Here’s how I quilted it:

  • Using the foot labeled with an “I” blanks stitch around each of the hexagons
  • Stitch the border design like the other blocks.


Definitely the nonconventional way to complete this block, but I am happy with the results and I didn’t have to hand stitch.

Until Next Time!

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2 thoughts on “Block 36 – Inchy Hexagon Club

  1. Beth says:

    You sewed them down using a blanket stitch? Whew – all that turning – makes me dizzy just to think about it! Yours look great.


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