Q2 FAL Finishes

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Quarter 2 of the 2016 Finish-A-Long is closing on July 7. I finished two of my three projects. Continue reading


2016 Finish-A-Long Q2 Goals

I have decided to participate in the 2016 Finish-A-Long. It certainly can’t hurt to try to get some projects done that I have been wanting to finish.

Project #1 – Building Blocks Sampler Quilt


I’ve been working on this one for a while. Pattern and tutorials are available at Leah Day’s website. Here is my progress so far:

I really want to get this one done since it will be a gift for someone.

Project #2 – Peg Legs


I actually have the fabric cut for these; I just need to sew them up. Peg Leg pattern is available at Patterns for Pirates. They have tips available on the P4P Blog – it includes information on how to get a promo code for the pattern! These will be for me. Fabric is from Joann’s Red Tag Fabrics.

Project #3 – SOS Knit Pants


This black stretch denim is the fabric I plan on using with the SOS Knit Pants Pattern from Patterns for Pirates. I plan on doing the straight leg option.

Hoping I can all three projects completed in the next three months!

Until Next Time!

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Cheater Drunkard Path

I finished these up yesterday. All free motioned with minimal markings. These blocks had raw edges where the quarter circles were sewn to the block. I really don’t like raw edges so once I was finished with the quilting following Leah’s pattern, I satin stitched the raw edges. I like the effect. The raw edge piecing made it very easy to piece these blocks. Leah’s videos and pattern are very well done and really make you practice both piecing and free motion quilting. I am trying not to mark everything, but I do mark a lot of dots.


Until Next Time!

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Rail Fence Quilting

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There are four different quilting designs for the rail fence blocks in the Building Blocks Quilt Pattern. I am using this project to practice both ruler quilting and free motion quilting. I always watch Leah’s videos that correspond with the pattern first even if I am going to do it a different way. She offers much more in the videos that goes along with the printed pattern.


I ruler quilted the straight lines of this block. I only marked dots to guide the ruler work. The ruler definitely produces straighter lines. It helps to be able to estimate a quarter inch since lining up the ruler with the dots requires you line it up 1/4 inch from the dot. The needle is 1/4 inch from the edge of the ruler foot. I find I need to use the spacing guide that came with my ruler set sometimes to line up the ruler accurately. It works well but is a bit time consuming.



For the wiggly u-shapes and the teeth, I marked the u-shapes although I think I could have just marked them using dots. I marked the teeth with dots and dashes.


I used the open-toe free motion foot (no rulers) for the teeth and the u-shapes.


I completely marked the cursive words block. Again, I wish I had only marked half of the block to really try to free motion it. Once I did the first set, the second set was much easier. I find the cursive words easy to do since it is really just writing with the thread.


For the circles and stairs block, I used the ruler foot. The circles were 2 inches in diameter which happens to be the size circle template that I have so I got to practice with it. The lines marked at 90 degrees on the template are what I used to line it up with marks I made at the midpoint of the squares on the block.


For the stairs, I stitched in the ditch and used the straight ruler to mark the first set of stairs surrounding the circles. I then use some template plastic that I cut using my Cricut machine as a guide to echo the straight lines. It really worked well; easier than using the actual ruler and the results were good. I had marked the block with dashes for the stairs, but I really didn’t need to use them.


I will be making additional guides for the ruler foot and will post how I make them with my Cricut Explore Air when I do so.

Overall I am happy with my results and learned lots while quilting these blocks.


Until next time!

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