Birds in the Window


I am heading out tomorrow to see my Mom who has moved to an assisted living facility. I wanted to bring her something to brighten up her new place. Continue reading


Block 10 – Iowa


Lemons and Limes. Love these colors. I know it is more like Florida citrus colors, than Iowa colors. It is an interesting block and I really like the way Sherri McConnell, the designer, blocked the colors in the design.


I decided to quilt one spiral starting from the center. Simple, but lots of texture. The white border was quilted the same as all the rest of the blocks.


With the first 10 done, I will need to decide whether I want to start putting them together in rows or wait until all 100 are completed. If I create a 10 x 10 quilt, it will be 80 inches by 80 inches without an additional border. I also need to consider how all 100 blocks will look together, or if just putting them in order as they come will work. I have been trying to change up the colors in each block. I keep the color on the back similar to one of the colors on the front.


I am traveling the end of this week and next weekend, so I will have time to think about whether to bind them together in rows as I go or wait until the end.

I can’t wait to see what Block 11 brings! Until next time!

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Broke My Streak

Well I knew it was bound to happen. I finally missed a day posting to this blog. I did post 29 days in a row! I am happy with that. I’ve been a bit stressed dealing with my 81 year old Mom who is 1200 miles away. She has multiple chronic health problems that have had her in and out of the hospital and rehab since before Thanksgiving. She is transitioning into assisted living and it has been very difficult for her. I will be heading up to see her next week for a few days to help her settle in to her new place. Sewing and quilting has been my stress reliever.

Here’s what I have been working on.

An applique tulip pillow that I plan on giving to my Mom. I started this project quite a while ago.


I used Ann Holmes’ No Sewing Until You Quilt It technique. It was one of her designs so I could try out the process. I have to say I do like the technique. I decided to use a zipper closure on the back.


I used the zipper tutorial found at So Sew Easy adapting it to my pillow back. Then I used a 2 1/4 inch strip binding to bind the front to the back. I used my binding foot which makes it so much easier.


The other projects I have been working on are The Machine Quilting Block Party. I am working on the quilting of block 3. I only marked it with dots and dashes.


I hope to finish the quilting this evening. I really like the way it is coming along.

Until Next Time!

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QAYG=Quilt as You Go and LQS=Local Quilt Shop. Equals lots of fun. This project is becoming my stress reliever. When I have been feeling stressed or upset, I have been going to my sewing room. I always come out feeling better. I am very thankful for The Splendid Sampler and my other two projects from Leah Day – Building Blocks Sampler and Machine Quilting Block Party.

For this block I kept the quilting simple. Here’s what I did:

  • Hard Wood Floors for the roof
  • Cobblestones for the chimney
  • Straight lines on the windows and door
  • Stitching in the ditch around the color block pieces and the block itself
  • Border design like the other blocks

I always think about my design plan so it looks good on both the front and the back.


Until Next Time!

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Cheater Drunkard Path

I finished these up yesterday. All free motioned with minimal markings. These blocks had raw edges where the quarter circles were sewn to the block. I really don’t like raw edges so once I was finished with the quilting following Leah’s pattern, I satin stitched the raw edges. I like the effect. The raw edge piecing made it very easy to piece these blocks. Leah’s videos and pattern are very well done and really make you practice both piecing and free motion quilting. I am trying not to mark everything, but I do mark a lot of dots.


Until Next Time!

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Frozen Quilts Delivered

These two panel quilts were finally delivered today. I made them at the request of my husband’s coworker for her two daughters. I hope they like them.


Here are some closeups of the quilting. I really got a lot of good practice on these two quilts.

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On to finish Wednesday’s Block 8 – Friends Around the Square!

Until Next Time!

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